Canopy Pest Control is amazing! Their management is beyond friendly, customer service is fantastic, and their techs are thorough. Any time I feel like I need a re-service, they come to my home for free, and they come in a timely fashion. Any special requests are always satisfied (spraying extra in one place, choosing to do interior & exterior versus one or the other, setting up extra sticky traps, etc.). The owners of the company are very down to Earth and know how to keep their customers happy. I am very content with my pest control company and I am always finding every opportunity available to share with my friends how wonderful they are. To top it all off, their prices are better (or at least very comparable) to most of the pest control companies out there
Lauren H.,
I have been using Canopy Pest Control since May. They come out every two months to do preventative maintenance. They are always polite, professional, on time and they do a good job. They got rid of the scorpions, where other companies in the past haven’t been able to. I have recommended them to friends
Christina G.,
Canopy has been to our house at least 3 times now and we have not had any pest problems since. They sprayed inside and outside very thoroughly. We were told that after the first application a bunch of critters would be found dead but that this would stop after the next application . That was the exact case. I would recommend this service to anyone concerned about pest control.
Myron R.,