General Pest Maintenance

Our general pest maintenance service comes in monthly, bimonthly and quarterly treatment options.
We will help you decide which plan is best for you during our first contact as we gather all the information necessary. Many factors can play into your specific situation. Our skilled and educated staff are ready to help you determine how best to move forward with a treatment plan that’s right for you. There are seven steps that go into our regular maintenance service that will help protect you and your home against unwanted pests.
General maintenance covers and guarantees against most pest your will find with in the home. The most common pests are scorpions, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, and other crawling bugs. We even include mice in the general maintenance guarantees.

Exclusions to maintenance packages include

  • Honey bee removal
  • Rats
  • Gophers
  • Anything termites (not offered at all, although we know a guy ☺ )
  • Bedbugs
  • Snake Removal and Capture

Believe it or not the most common entryway for pests into your home is the same way you get in. Open doors make for easy entry so we always treat the homes foundation with the best in organic and synthetic organic sprays.
Most homes in Arizona are made of stucco. A standard Stucco home has a thin layer of stucco, metal building mesh, and 1-1 ½ inch styrofoam insulation and then a 2-3 inch gap before you interior dry wall starts. On the outside of most homes the concrete foundation has small metal trim called a weep trim that has small holes in it to allow your walls to properly ventilate and to prevent moisture build up and mold. The unfortunate side effect of this type of construction is just about any and all kinds of bugs are small enough to fit into your wall voids through the weep trim. Once in the walls all they have to do is make a short trip down a pipeline or an electrical line and suddenly your have roaches popping out under your sink and flies gnats or scorpions in a light fixture.
We treat those wall voids aggressively by injecting dust pest products directly into those weep trims and under your sinks and appliances. If you have ever dropped a bag of flower you know fine dusts expand quickly and in this case settle right where the bugs are hiding.
servicesLogoInCircleIn Arizona almost all homes have cinder block fences. While cinder block walls provide the shade and privacy we all desire, they can also be one of the worst pest harborage sites. Columns in cider block walls provide excellent shaded hallow spaces that are ideal for nesting and gathering for many pests. Scorpions in specific love cinder block walls. We spray all of the columns to eliminate nesting sites and treat along the top of the fence line each time. Now your neighbor’s pests don’t have to be your problem. Occasional column dusting also helps reach the tricky cracks that and hard to reach places.
servicesLogoInCircleGrassy areas and ornamental plants and trees often bring in ants and other crawling insects. Granular treatments are provided in all such areas each time we treat your home. Granular pest products are fine particles similar in appearance to grass seed or fertilizer. When applied by hand or with a grass seed spreader we can effectively treat large areas of ground or even small specific problem spots. After we treat with a granular the home owner needs to activate the granules by simply wetting treated areas with irrigation or even a quick mist with the hose. Upon being wetted the granules then release active ingredient into the soil and work wonders for prevention of surfacing pest.
servicesLogoInCircleSpider webs. ..the unsightly indicator that you’re not the only one living in your home. Each treatment includes a full property de-webbing service. Some spiders when they hatch will build a web balloon and float from long distances off on to rooftops and entry ways. Just remember if a web pops up between services all re-services are free so don’t wait call and we will come and do the dirty work.
servicesLogoInCircle Interior services are always available at no extra charge with any service we provide, however often once or twice a year is enough. We typically want to do the inside on the initial treatment and then offer it as is needed. When we do the inside the most important treatment zones are hiding places and entry points. Door jams, baseboards, under appliances and under sinks and tubs and are the general areas of treatment for interior spray.
servicesLogoInCircle Garages are shady and cooler in the summer then most places outside so you can see the appeal as a hiding place for unwanted pest. Most garage door seals are flimsy and leave openings about a quarter of an inch long on either side. That’s more than enough for most pest to get in.
We treat first by spraying along the baseboard and under any accessible shelving. Dewebbing is often necessary in garages as well and as a last measure of protection we will place closed box glue boards behind your garage door sensors to catch any of the more persistent bugs.