Safety and your health are our first and most pressing concerns here at Canopy

We are dedicated to using only the top of the line organic and synthetic organic products

Organic pesticides are products that are either farmed or taken directly from the earth’s soil. These products are often the safest and most desired products and we use these as often as we can for treatment in and around your home. Diatomaceous Earth is a great example of an organic compound that can be used to treat various areas of your home.When applied properly by a professional it can be very effective. We often use this in the mix we put together to treat your wall voids and cracks and crevices.

Synthetic Organic products are compounds with same or similar chemical make up as the organic products we use that are found in nature. Synthetics are basically a manmade copy of what nature is already doing. Much like diamonds can be produced in a lab with the same clarity and structure as those found in nature, natural pest compounds can be also replicated. Synthetics can also be made to last longer by compartmentalizing the particles in microscopic beads that will burst and release the product over time giving you that long lasting affect meaning more time between treatments.

It’s always important to use caution with any pest products whether they’re organic or not. The chrysanthemum flower extract (or its manmade replica) Is the main active ingredient in the better part of our products. We often compare this extract to that of say a chili pepper or chili pepper oil. Yes it can be in your home. Yes you can be around and near while we treat but common sense says you wouldn’t rub a chili pepper on your face. You also wouldn’t put it on your hands or areas you’re going to be touching.
The best piece of advice we can offer is always error on the side of caution. We recommend that you stay off of any treated areas until they are dry. Even with organics and botanicals some people and even pets may be allergic to some products. If you have any questions about specific treatment methods or products and their safety please feel free to call during regular business hours.